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Should I have children?

Whether considering now or in the future, deeply examine your personal goals, desires and values to see if parenthood fits into your life.

Is being childfree right for me?

Unplanned pregnancy

This is very common. Are you feeling uncertain and fearful? Or unsure what to do?

I want to start a family before it's too late, what should I do?

Do you feel time is running out? Or have competing priorities like education, career or life experiences? Or maybe you haven't found the right partner to start a family with.

Who should I start a family with?

Do you wonder what are the qualities and traits to look for in partner? Is my partner going to be a good parent?

My partner wants to start a family but I am uncertain, or vice versa

Do you feel uncertain because maybe you are not ready yet, or never wanted to have children. Or considering having children for your partner's happiness?

Do I want another child?

Are you curious about the resources, mental and emotional preparation needed? Are your personal circumstances a barrier to consider parenthood? What is the parenthood experience really like?

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