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What parenthood means to you

A deep dive into how parenthood integrates into your life. Gain deep insight your parenting values and style and how you relate to your child.

New parent

The arrival of your child can bring a range of emotions and a complete shift in your identity and responsibilities. While some parents may feel elated about this change, others may find themselves mourning their old life.

Whatever your experience may be, it is important to have the time and space to acknowledge and make sense of it.

Real unpleasant feelings

It is common to struggle with being honest with unpleasant emotions such as anger, guilt, resentment, shame, and grief. Avoiding or suppressing them can have severe consequences.

Examine them in a safe and supportive setting can lead to greater compassion and acceptance.

Inter-generational parenthood

Explore the valuable lessons from your parents and childhood experiences, extracting the best to pass on to your children, while shedding harmful patterns and behaviors.

Empower yourself by building upon generational patterns to have a fulfilling and balanced family life.

Changing relationship with partner

A romantic partner is no longer just a romantic partner, but a partner in parenthood together. The once-familiar routines and romance have been disrupted. And it can be hard to navigate this new chapter, and forge a deeper connection with your evolving relationship.

Adjusting as your child grows

As our children grow, they push us to grow to keep up. Each stage of development presents new challenges, and it's not always easy to navigate these changes.

You may need the time and space to grief and adjust to the transition of each stage.

Challenges of parenting today

The difficulties you experience today are real. Parenting standards have risen while support has dropped. We live farther away from extended family, and some are occupied with their own lives.

We are often faced with prioritizing careers and time with family. And the fear of failing both lingers behind a corner.

Counseling does not provide all the solutions, but it can help realign yourself.

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